Me now

Hi, I'm Devon Matthews, wife, mother, and western romance author. I've been writing stories since I learned cursive in second grade. Back then, all my heroes were cowboys and gunslingers. Those bad boys were everywhere, on tv, billboards, and at the movies. I fell in love with western lore at a time when my friends were obsessed with John, Paul, George and Ringo. The only Ringo who interested me was Johnny Ringo. I read everything I could find by Zane Grey and Louis Lamour. The Old West way of life fascinated me because it was the last untamed era in this country. The times were brutal, yet wildly romantic in this girl's imagination. Best of all--in books and movies--the good guys always won. It wasn't until the mid 1980's I stumbled across my first western historical  romance and I was hooked. I'd found the genre I wanted to write.

Me then
I've lived from one end of the country to the other and on all three U.S. coasts.  The desert regions of the southwest always called to me and I was fortunate enough to travel and explore them. For ten years, I settled in Texas and lived out my dream of cowboys and horses on a mini-ranch. With my hillbilly accent, I felt right at home in the Lone Star state.

Finally coming full circle, hubby and I are back home in Southeastern Kentucky. We've raised two children here, not to mention a whole passel of fur kids, and our roots grow deep in these hills. When I'm not writing, you might find me quilting, crocheting, or puttering around in my flower beds with the dogs looking on. I also do artwork, mostly oil painting, and collect antique art pottery.

These days, I rarely venture far from home, but my passion for the west and those dashing sagebrush heroes remains as strong as ever. I hope you enjoy reading about my heroes and heroines of the Old West as much as I love writing about them.

Best wishes and happy reading!